All sailors members of a national federation associated to EUROSAF are welcomed to the Sailing Center. Sailors from young classes to Olympic classes. Non-European sailors must contact via email and request authorization for its use that normally will be permitted.

Being a High-Performance sports center, only athletes can stay in the residence. Athletes are understood to be sailors, coaches and the necessary technical support staff. Family and friends may use the very close hotels arranged by the academy and also applying good discounts prices thanks to the agreements reached by the academy

As a High-Performance center that it is, order, respect, rest and tranquility are essential aspects for the stay in the residence. We share spaces with Olympic teams and individual athletes from other sports and complete rest is a mandatory rule. Any alteration may lead to expulsion from the center. This rule is essential for the use of the residence. Smoking is prohibited in the center

No, you can stay wherever you want and use the center solely as a venue for your sailing training sessions. We recommend the residence for its location within the nautical facilities, its comfort and cleanliness and, without a doubt, for the good prices available. Any other nearby accommodation can be used without problems and also use our good prices with them.

Yes, all EUROSAF athletes can use all the facilities of the center. The restaurant is a good place to have meals of the day and at a very advantageous price. The meals are specially designed for athletes and you will be able to check all the proteins, calories, etc. of the meals of the day.
The best and most advantageous option is to use accommodation (the price already includes breakfast), lunch and dinner. If during lunch hours you are sailing, it can be replaced by a pic-nic with prior notice to the restaurant or the academy staff.

National Federations: Just send an email to with the details of the needs and you will have a priority reservation automatically. Within 24hrs the Federation will have the confirmation from the academy (subjetc to availability rooms). If the Federation needs extra sailing boats or RIBs to rent, we will confirm you in the same period.

Particular sailors: Please send the questionnaire and wait our response. we will answer you asap

Need I to bring my own boat? No necessary, Normally you will bring your own boat if you will work in her: speed test, calibration, fine tuning, improving the boat`s performance, checks, etc however it is possible that you only need to continue sailing in winter period or simply you want to use our sailing boats or RIBs. At the sailing center we will have an enough number of Optimist and ILCAs (all types) for you. Please dont forget that the sails and some control lines, etc. are not included in the rental. Please visit our FAQ for it.

Particular sailors: Please send the questionnaire and wait our response. we will answer you asap