Pro Kit | Use the same rigging as olympic champions: Harken T9 Carbon Blocks, Marlow Excel Control lines, Rooster Clew Strap, Harken vang with FSE line & handle, a mainsheet, and carbon tiller w/ extension, and a daggerboard bungee.

Carbon Tiller & Extension | The best tiller and extension available today for maximum stiffness and precision control is provided. This tiller maintains an ultra low profile to keep your traveller outboard where it belongs (NOTE: This is included in our Pro Kit Rental – so if you’ve already selected the Pro Kit, there’s no need to also select this option). Forget (tiller related) luggage fees and travel hassles when you select this option!

Enjoy the latest major upgrade to the Laser and sail your clinic with a carbon top section. Stiff, light and responsive, the carbon top section is the most modern way to sail a Laser. Sail the same carbon rig you use at home, or take this opportunity to try it before you buy.

This is what comes with a your boat charter, as part of your all inclusive package:
  • Full Rig & Radial Bottom Section
  • Aluminium Top Section
  • Zhik Hiking Strap w/bungee
  • Water Bottle Bungee
  • Daggerboard & Rudder
  • Harken Mainsheet Block
  • LP Cleat Base & Deck Plate w/ Harken blocks (for outhaul & cunningham)

We’ll begin our day on Monday morning so it’s best to arrive on a Sunday or earlier to settle into your accommodations and relax before a big sailing week ahead!

Our daily thermal breeze will allow you to have a very structured training day.
Morning: Wake up at your own leisure and enjoy the early morning in paradise. Use the morning to relax, walk down the beach, swim in the pool or take part in a pre arranged activity with other sailors like yoga, surfing, mountain bike riding or horse back riding. Some guests choose to head to the gym in the morning.
10:00 amJoin us at the boat park for rigging and deliberate practice sessions in the boat park. Your coach will answer any questions you might have regarding the material or day ahead.
12:30amBegin on water training working on the skills that will make you faster with a professional coach alongside.
3:30 pmDebrief the days session with video analysis by a professional Laser coach.
4:30 pm: Enjoy the evening out or dine in at your accommodations. Bring any questions you have to the next mornings meeting at the boat park.
Ever wanted Olympic caliber coaching? At ISA, you’ll be under the watchful eye of one of our top coaches every day you are on the water.
The night before sailing and each morning, you’ll have a daily briefing and theory lesson, along with an explanation of the day’s drills. We can help review your rigging and boat set up, and are happy to suggest customized improvements.
On the water, you’ll sail with your group and the coach will give you instruction often while shooting video. At the end of each day you will see a detailed video analysis of the day and be able to participate in the discussion and ask questions.
You’ll take home clinic coaching videos which include the coach’s commentary, all included in your clinic cost. You’ll also receive a free month of our online course
What sets us apart from other training centers is our ability to put 100% focus on your sailing improvement. We have dedicated 15 years of clinic evolution to produce results for you. You will get faster, guaranteed.