EUROSAF is an organization made up of 43 member countries and its activities are mainly due to them. With the creation of this nautical base-academy all the EUROSAF MNAs will feel that they are using their own facilities in Spain.

With this mentality, the academy will provide to the national federations that require it with a space, infrastructures and optimal services for the development of their activities. These activities or needs will surely be very different between some federations and others, but the academy will always attend to your needs.

Whether it is the concentration of your Olympic team, such as training of the youngest or beginner teams or, even, club teams from your federation that require you to use «their» facilities, all MNAs will be able to invite and use these facilities for the best development of his sports program.

Probably, some federations will use this nautical base to develop a coexistence program among their employees or staff to celebrate more relaxed activities than those they normally carry out at their headquarters.

As always in this center, they will have and will use modern facilities, surrounded by a pleasant and natural environment with good temperatures throughout the year and, of course, we will be delighted to organize a parallel leisure program for you.

Likewise, the facilities, due to their large size and good communications, offer the possibility of being used as a nautical hub for the western Mediterranean.

Whatever your needs, contact us and we will offer you our best service.